Relationship Counsellor
Family Therapy

Bachelor of Arts (visual) with honors
Diploma of Occupational Therapy
Psychodramatist Trainer Educator and Practitioner
Distinguished Member AANZPA



Annette Fisher is a psychotherapist who has worked in the area of mental health, community health and has been a psychotherapist and consultant in private practice for   twenty five years. She has been teaching and supervising student and trainees in the ACT, Sydney and Adelaide for forty years and conducts sessions at conferences both in Australia and overseas. She applies her art training in her work as a psychotherapist and is a practising artist.
She has been actively involved and a foundation member in the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), Counselling and Psychotherapy  Association of Canberra and Regions (CAPACAR) and the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AAANZPA). She is currently the assistant executive director of Psychodrama Australia a non profit making organisation that provides training programs for professional people and a trainer in the Canberra/Sydney Campus and the Adelaide Campus


Psychotherapy  allows  for expression, to be heard and to be validated. The therapy assists people to live fully, to discover potential, to face fears and to be adventurous.  In the process one learns to accept all of the complexities that make us interesting and our uniqueness, robustness, achievements, mistakes and blunders.

The approach addresses the whole person and not only a symptom or a medical diagnosis.

Psychotherapy may  include facing life’s transitions, loss and grief, withdrawal from life, relationship difficulties, addictions, life’s challenges and traumas past and present. The aim is to assist people to  increase their spontaneity and creativity and to respond to here now situations in  new ways.

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